Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh, Where's Coqui The Chef?

We listed the clues he left in his home:
  • A dead fly (yuck!)
  • A cooked meal (yum!)
  • His apron and chef’s suit(Oh my gosh, he’s naked!)
  • Unfinished cookbook (Where will he write his recipes?)
  • Unwashed dishes (lazy!)
  • His favorite movie “Ratatouille” (Has he gone to Paris?)
  • His favorite book “How to find the right female frog in 7 days”
  • Has he run off to get married?

His kitchen utensils are under interrogation but they won’t talk. We miss him so much. Please help us solve the mystery. The Puerto Rican Parade is on Sunday June 13, 2010 and he hasn’t even practiced his latest melody yet.

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