Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold? Have cup of Happy Hot Chocolate!

Winter is a great time to watch movies with the family and sip hot chocolate. Try this Happy Hot Chocolate for those family gatherings.

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Happy Hot Chocolate Recipe

submitted by Ilene Bergelson

The Goods:

One 3.5 oz bar of unsweetened chocolate (90-100% cacao is best)
3 cups organic milk (almond, rice, cow, goat- whatever :)
2 teaspoons pure organic vanilla extract
organic agave nectar to taste
medium pot (3-4 qt)
wire wisk

Putting it all together:

Pour the milk in a 3-4 qt. pot and heat on a medium flame.
While heating, break up the chocolate into small chunks.
When milk is nearly hot, add chocolate and stir quickly with wisk.
Heat until mixture is hot and chocolate is melted. Keep stirring!
It may start to bubble a little-that's ok.-it's done!
Turn off heat, add vanilla, pour into cups and add agave to taste. Yum!

Ilene Bergelson is a professional dance instructor and performer on Broadway, film, and television, Ilene Bergelson recognizes the importance of physical conditioning and the connection between mind and body. Determined to help people exercise conscientiously and become more in tune with their bodies, she became a health fitness professional. Her work is influenced by her experience with dance, yoga, alternative medicine and physical therapy.
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  1. Buena receta and everything is organic ....
    keep on going coqui and good luck in ur next receta
    P. G.

  2. good recipe and everything is organic and healthy
    good luck coqui and keep the hard work