Friday, June 3, 2011

Read what the Press thinks about Coqui The Chef!

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Here's an update of Coqui The Chef adventures...

On May 13 Segundo Ruiz Belvis Center invited Coqui The Chef as guest of honor to celebrate the Segundo Ruiz Belvis 184th Birthday. Who is Segundo Ruiz Belvis?
Ruiz Belvis was born in Puerto Rico. He was a lawyer and abolitionist. In the 1800's he became involved with politics and took up the cause of abolitionism in the island.

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On May 22 Bx Week Food and Arts Festival was an amazing event! Coqui The Chef was a hit with adults and children.
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On May 29 Coqui The Chef helped young entrepreneurs from Starting Bloc promote their ideas for Recycling.  We think they made a awesome impression on the judges. GO GREEN!!
Starting Bloc Group

Read what the Press thinks about Coqui The Chef!

NY Daily News Article: Coqui the Chef, frog mascot who will hop in Puerto Rican Day Parade, tells kids to eat right 
Gothamist website: Bronx Woman Wears Frog Costume To Get Puerto Ricans To Eat Right
Zagat buzz: Want Your Kids To Eat Better? Send Them To the Giant Frog 
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