Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recipes on Coqui the Chef's Radio Show

Servings Unlimited
  • 1 good pen or sharpened pencil
  • 1 notepad
  • your ears for listening
  • computer with internet access
Select which radio show you want to hear. Find a comfortable chair sit down for 30 minutes with your pen or pencil write on your notepad all the savoring recipes, nutritious advice and health tips you will hear on "Cooking with Coqui the Chef" radio show. Enjoy!!

Note: Garnish with a little laughter.

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Read a little about our guests...

Nutrition: Will kids eat healthy?

Guest Dori Friedberg, NE, BA, CMT is a certified Nutrition Coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals centered on healthy food choices. Dori has worked in the health and wellness industry since 1997 and is confident that her abilities can help her clients create lasting and positive change, promote consciousness and give them an overall sense of control, joy and confidence.


How to Nourish your Intimate Relationship through Food

Guest author and Natural Chef Julie S. Ong on how to spice up your love life through food.

There is a proven link between embracing a whole foods diet and a significant increase in libido, sexual vitality, and intimacy. As a certified Macrobiotic Counselor and Natural Chef, Julie S. Ong specializes in the natural approach to sexual health. By embracing a whole health approach, she can help you connect with your sexuality and nourish intimate relationships through the healing essence of whole foods. Website

Sabor Boricua! Ya tu sabe...

Guest Executive Chef and Food Service Consultant Boricua Chef JE Seary. We will be talking about Puerto Rican food and little inside tips on how to select your ingredients the smart way.

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