Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cast your vote for Coqui the Chef! Plus new cookbook

Help Coqui the Chef win $2,500 for 2013 kids culinary classes. Cast your vote right now!

Coqui the Chef entered an online childhood obesity challenge. The challenge's focus seeking innovative solutions aimed at reducing obesity. We submitted our proposal to reduce childhood obesity in the South Bronx, New York and it is waiting for YOUR VOTE!
Your vote will allow us to further our mission of educating the most at risk by direct contact and inspiration!

Follow these easy steps to cast your vote:
  1. Go to:
  2. In order for your vote to count you must log in or sign up. (See image below)
  3. Leave a comment
  4. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+
 Thank you so much for your vote and remember to leave an inspiring comment below.

NEW Cookbook! Coqui the Chef Bodega Adventures Cookbook...

Remember Coqui the Chef's Bodega Adventures cooking demonstrations? Say YES! ;) Remember Coqui the Chef Bodega Adventures? Say yes! :) Now you can have the all the recipes we used for the cooking demos for a small donation of $3. The cookbook is an instant PDF download, you can read on your smart phone, kindle or nook.
Donate now!

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