Friday, December 28, 2012

What are your new year's culinary resolutions?

Feliz Año Nuuueeevo! Happy New Year!

What are your new year's culinary resolutions?

1. volunteer at your local food pantry (good karma)

2. donate to a food pantry (also good karma)

3. cook for a neighbor (triple the good karma)

4. take nutritious snacks to work or school (your body is going to thank you)

5. learn more about nutritious food (to maintain a healthy weight)

6. tell your friends and family about your favorite chef "Coqui the Chef"(quadruple good karma)

Here at Coqui the Chef headquarters we can't wait to start 2013! And share with you nutritional advice, new recipes, fun adventures, contest and giveaways in 2013. AND...our next big, big, huge, gigantic project. Curious? then stay tuned.

Hasta la proxima!

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